A combination of my best motion graphics examples with work ranging from the animated web banners to full presentations.


    Creative Solutions Showreel

    A video created annually to showcase the best of JCDecaux’s international Creative Solutions campaigns. At the end of each year I would create concepts to show to the marketing and sales directors. From here I would create a storyboard with the selected concept and campaigns, aiming to create a visually engaging story in order to attract new audiences and potential clients.

    This video was created in conjunction with an interactive brochure which can be found here.


    Explainer Video

    As part of a new team within Morgan Stanley Investment Banking I proposed to create an explainer video to help bankers understand how graphics could assist them in displaying their content. The aim was to broaden their horizons and allow them to choose the right type of graphic to suit their needs.

    The video was created in After Effects and displays a wide range of graphic design and illustration elements.

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